Research Professor
Coordinator of Social Science Research,
Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
Qatar University

President, The American Institute for Yemeni Studies

• Fluent in Arabic and overall residence in the Middle East (Yemen, Egypt, Qatar) for over 5 years since 1978.

• Fieldwork in Yemen, Egypt, Qatar, U.A.E., Guatemala.

• Author of five books, over 45 professional articles, over 150 book reviews, plus op-eds and commentaries,

• Editor
Contemporary Islam (2007-present), CyberOrient (2006-present)
Yemen Update

• Webshaykh
Tabsir: Insight on the Middle East and Islam (2005-present),
AIYS Yemen Blog (2014-present)

Yemen Webdate

• Over 125 professional lectures and conference papers and over 35 public talks at museums, schools and community organizations.

Development Consultant on over 20 projects since 1981.

• Past-President of the Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association.

Media Page

Daniel Martin Varisco

• public talks and lectures
• tv and radio interviews
• op-ed and commentaries
• anthropological research
development consultant
• Arabist and historical research

last update 5/2015

Formal interviews with Al Jazeera English, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, TheRealNews,WBEZ Chicago, News 12 Long Island, TeleCare, Our Muslim Neighbors, Sharjah TV (UAE), Qatar TV and radio, Yemen Radio.

Research Expertise
and Lecture Topics

Middle East Topics
• Arab Agriculture and Irrigation
• Islamic Astronomy and Time-Keeping
• Ethnography of the Middle East

• Internet and Cyberspace
• Orientalism

• Qatar intangible heritage
• Red Sea/Indian Ocean Trade

• Agriculture and Irrigation
• Development
• History of coffee and qât
• Post Arab Spring Yemen

• Rasulid Yemen
• Tribal Society
• Water Issues

• Anthropology of Religion
• Creation/Evolution Controversy
• Fundamentalism (Christian and Islamic)

• CyberIslam
• Islamic History
• Islamophobia
• Representation of Islam



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